What is worse than the crime? The cover-up.

Yesterday I posted the hour long video of Jonah Edelman’s presentation at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

It was fascinating to watch as Edelman frankly, proudly, described how his group, Stand For Children, outfoxed the CTU, IFT and the IEA into supporting Senate Bill 7. The bill, Edelman openly admits, was designed to fool the union leadership into giving up the right of Chicago teachers to strike.

IEA Executive Director Audrey Soglin comes out looking bad. Edelman describes her as “pragmatic” and actually happy at the outcome. As if she were more aligned with Stand for Children than her own membership. That’s basically what Edelman says. Not me.

Hearing him speak about Audrey will lead you to wonder if it is not unlike having the attorney for the other side sitting at your table in court.

But if you go to the Aspen site today, the video is gone.

None of the other conference videos are gone. Only the Edelman video.


Who pulled it from the site?

Let’s guess, shall we.

But haven’t we all learned from Watergate that the cover-up is worse than the crime.

“I was hiking the Appalachian trail.”

Meanwhile, we have people working to download it from other sites.

We’ll get it back.

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6 thoughts on “What is worse than the crime? The cover-up.

  1. Here it’s one in the morning and I’m filming the thing from where it sits over at Education Nation (thanks to Mike) before it’s scrubbed over there, too. I’ll have the file processed by morning.

  2. Aspen Institute had posted it to YouTube too, then took it down. Google something like “youtube if it can happen jonah edelman” and you’ll still see the link. Click and it says it was removed by the poster, Aspen Institute.

    Maybe Catalyst should give SFC a call to ask for comment?

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