Bob Haisman’s Pension 101: Pension battle back after summer hiatus.

Got this today from former IEA President Bob Haisman:

The Teacher Pension issue did not go away — it was not “settled” or “defeated” in May 2011.

The Teacher Pension Issue will be back — likely  “On Steroids ” …. during something called the “Veto Session” staring October 25th and running intermittently to roughly 1-1–12.

How  do we know it will be back?   Because Speaker of the House Mike Madigan (D) and Minority Leader Tom Cross (R) and their Big Business Corporate Sponsors — “Illinois is Broke” said so when they withdrew their doomed  “Pension Killer ” SB 512 on May 30, 2011.

I thought we could sleep easy??!  I thought we defeated Madigan/Cross (and their pals in “Illinois is Broke”! ??  What’s UP!?

Mike Madigan very seldom (if ever) is defeated. 100,000 Teacher E-Mails  Froze-up the system. 110,000 Teacher Phone calls got legislator’s attention.  We blocked.  We stymied. We postponed but  WE did not kill — Pension Armageddon — we put off “Round Two”  till the VETO SESSION! 

THE ASK — We need you to do ONE THING in the Next Week … (Seven days) … 
Write — Call — Email your State Representative — and ….

re-introduce yourself …

  •  Deliver  a pro-Teacher Pension Message —
  • Teacher  pensions are still vitally important….
  • Please work with the IEA on a solution….
  • The Pension System is financially stable let us not panic…..
  • Let us not violate the Illinois Constitution…..

The Promise — In coming issues of pension 101 — We will do our best to inform you of the pension issues this fall. We will do our best to let you know what the IEA is doing to help us win Round Two of the Pension Crisis.

Information — Retired Lyon’s High School English Teacher Glen Brown publishes a BLOG ….

Glen has become a Serious Pension System Student!!  Check out some of his past posts on pension funding!  If you want to subscribe to his BLOG  (- I highly recommend you do ) contact Glen at —
GLEN BROWN <>….being an English teacher Glen also publishes an occasional poem, song, etc…..I recommend his Pension Blog!

A Little Bragging — IEA’s Secret Weapon”

IEA published a print piece on How “WE” stalled the Pension Killer Bill SB 512!  It gives ALL OF YOU — credit for the Calls, E-mails and Visits that killed SB512!   Check out page four for a little Haisman bragging!  

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