Da Bears? Da Bulls? Go by da Jewels? Not in Arizona.

I may never see the Grand Canyon.

Unless things change in Arizona, I’m not going there.  The anti-immigrant stuff is just to0 crazy.

The latest news is that the Feds have dropped their civil rights suit against the state of Arizona in the case where Arizona was monitoring teachers for mispronunciation of English language words in the classroom.

As a result of the settlement the state has agreed to stop their practice that was targeting non-native speakers. Local districts, however will continue the monitoring.

The investigation began after unnamed parties filed a civil-rights complaint in May 2010 alleging that the state’s on-site monitoring reports led to teachers being removed from classrooms based on their accents.

In November, federal officials told Arizona that its fluency monitoring may violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by discriminating against teachers who are Hispanic and others who are not native English speakers.

How serious a problem is this that Arizona needed a law?

In 2007, The Arizona Republic examined reports from the 32 districts monitored that year. State officials found teachers with unacceptable pronunciation and grammar in nine districts.

Last year, federal officials found monitoring reports that documented teachers who pronounced “the” as “da” and “lives here” as “leeves here.”

“The” as “da”? Like da Bears? Or da Bulls?

I’m definitely staying out of Arizona.

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