Good lord. Randi Weingarten!

It was pretty bad when the President of the American Federation of Teachers invited Bill Gates to speak to her union’s last convention.

And it was pretty repulsive when she cruelly mocked her own members who, out of principle, walked out of the hall as he was introduced.

So I can’t be surprised that Randi Weingarten would be partying with teacher union-basher Stephen Brill, whose latest book Class Warfare, wages class warfare on teachers.

Brother Mike broke the story when he Tweeted:

Guess which best-selling anti-union author will be at Randi’s house tomorrow for her big party? My invite must be lost in the mail”

“Hint… He recommended her for NYC chancellor at the end of his book after bashing her and the AFT throughout the rest of it.”

Tonight they’re sharing shrimp canapes and downing glasses of pinot noir at a party hosted by the union boss in honor of the union hater.

How lovely.

One thought on “Good lord. Randi Weingarten!

  1. Randi says, “teachers need the tools to do an effective job.” It’s a mantra that she may as well just tape record ,and call it a day. She’s worthless. I’m going to ask the PAFT president about her, and see what he has to say.

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