Did the Obama administration assist in coordinating an attack on Occupy Wall Street? Putting FOIA to good use.

Instead of some right-wing anti-union cult like Kyle Olson’s Education Action Group using the Freedom of Information Act to go through an elementary teacher’s emails and personnel file (that would be me), David Lane, a well-known civil rights attorney in Denver will put the FOIA to a very different purpose.

Lane wants to know what did the Obama administration know and when did it know about the coordinated attacks on Occupation camp sites in half a dozen cities?

How would the answer to that question impact Obama’s ability to appeal to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and affect the outcome of the 2012 election?

Earlier this week, the suspicions of collusion that had been forming since the movement’s inception found firm, if accidental, footing when Oakland Mayor Jean Quan confirmed in a BBC interview that she had cooperated with the mayors of eighteen other cities. Although the names of those eighteen have yet to be uncovered, the admission hit home with those who see a national violation of First Amendment rights. “The issue is very clearly established when the cops start moving simultaneously on Oakland, New York, Denver, everywhere on the planet at the same time, and they’ve been doing this since the beginning,” says Lane, who has extensive experience with both civil liberties and the Denver Police Department. “Anytime there is action, it rises up all across the country, and it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that this is not coincidence.”

Lane will file information requests using the Colorado Open Records Law and Freedom of Information Act to see what contacts were made and with who. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has ordered violent attacks on Occupy Denver at the same time as similar attacks have occurred in Oakland, Portland and New York.

5 thoughts on “Did the Obama administration assist in coordinating an attack on Occupy Wall Street? Putting FOIA to good use.

  1. Does the Dems really think that if Obama flies over to the Far East, activists will believe that he had no knowledge of or involvement in this concerted move on O.W.S.? Does he think it won’t hurt him at the polls?

  2. Many people are still under the illusion that Obama is a liberal who is sympathetic to working class issues. That doesnt seem to be true at all. he has been the great disappointer.

    1. Especially in the field of education, bobh. So, tell me, WHY did the NEA endorse him (in March, way before the national convention–did the leadership even ask the members?!)?
      AND–Race to the Top, which has agonizingly prolonged NCLB (different name, same bad game), has done MORE to harm our country’s education system than anything I can think of since I’ve been in the education system (& I count all those years when I was a student, too)–1957-2011. Just horrific!

  3. Oh, & like I’ve said, Fred, 99%/Occupy needs to run candidates–most of the Dems don’t get it, either, & that’s been going on for far too long now.

    Would you be interested in a second career after retirement?

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