Sunday links.

Respecting teachers seems a foreign thing to Jeff Libman in a letter to the Chicago Buffoon. And he’s not talking about disrespect from students.

For-profit teacher certification mills are booming in Texas.  Ah, Texas.

On November 30th to December 3rd, ALEC will be meeting in Scottsdale at the Weston Kierland Resort for their States and Nations Summit. Occupy Phoenix has other plans.

The University of California Regents will get an earful on Monday when UC Davis students are calling for a system-wide strike.  It’s about more than pepper-spray.

Here’s a good reading list. These are the books that were destroyed by the NYPD at #OWS eviction from Zuccotti Park.

Pension words of the week: Pension Obligation Bond. Not to be confused with James Bond.

Two shocking scandals. Two esteemed universities. Two disgraced university leaders. One stunning connection. Over the last month, we’ve seen Penn State University President Graham Spanier dismissed from his duties and we’ve seen UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi pushed to the brink of resignation. Spanier was jettisoned because of what appears to be a systematic cover-up of assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s serial child rape. Katehi has faced calls to resign after the she sent campus police to blast pepper spray in the faces of her peaceably assembled students, an act for which she claims “full responsibility.” The university’s Faculty Association has since voted for her ouster citing a “gross failure of leadership.” The names Spanier and Katehi are now synonymous with the worst abuses of institutional power. But their connection didn’t begin there. In 2010, Spanier chose Katehi to join an elite team of twenty college presidents on what’s called the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board, which “promotes discussion and outreach between research universities and the FBI.”  Dave Zirin

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