Quote of the week: Will Guzzardi.

“They were told that the state is broke. And now, the state has found hundreds of millions for the biggest corporations. Our families are struggling. And this vote only makes it harder for us.”

Will Guzzardi, Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 39th District, running against incumbent Toni Berrios. Berrios voted for the tax breaks for CME and Sears.

One thought on “Quote of the week: Will Guzzardi.

  1. Yeah, & this tax break is going to keep jobs here & create more jobs. At the very first sign of lowered sales expectations & financial problems, guess what Sears will do?
    If you guessed that the CEO would cut his salary to 1/4th of what it currently is…wrong!
    If you guessed that massive layoffs would ensue…correct!

    Talk jobs all you want, corporations, but at the first sign of trouble, that’s what goes first.
    And yet, all of you head monsters keep your million dollar ++ salaries, while you further steal from the people of Illinois.

    Shame on you all, & shame on each & every Illinois politician for passing the corporate tax breaks. The 99% WILL remember at election time.

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