3 thoughts on “Illinois is broke. Brought to you by Sears.

  1. We need to boycott Sears. There was a women that used social media to turn around Bank One’s debit card fee. We need to do the same to Sears. Their refusal to pay their taxes means the rest of us pick up their share. I, personally, will not shop there ever again.They’re akin to a wealthy “deadbeat Dad.”

    1. I have no problem with boycotting Sears. I don’t shop there anyway. But you can’t boycott the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Board of Trade. And you can’t boycott most of the corporate members of the Civic Committee because they don’t make anything average working people buy. But we can support the Occupy movement in the streets. And we can defeat people like State Rep Toni Berrios who voted for the corporate tax give away in the coming election.

  2. Unfortunately, as I’d said before, what will happen, as Sears claims it is losing money, etc.,etc., sob story, is that salespeople & clerks will be laid off–everyday people, your friends & neighbors, the dwindling middle class–& it won’t hurt the CEO & other corporate Scrooges one iota. They’ll continue to make their millions &, even in the face of mismanagement, will continue to retire w/a golden parachute.

    Fred’s suggestion is best, is as this one–99% needs its own people to run for public office!!!

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