If they bring in Jonah Edelman to work on pensions, run!

If all you did was read the Chicago Buffoon you would think that the reason Illinois is allegedly broke is due to two union employees who scammed the system.

A tax code that favors the rich has nothing to do with it. Nothing.

So to solve the problem of pension abuse, the Governor is establishing a panel modeled after the one created to address school reform and that led to the notorious Senate Bill 7

That bill ended seniority, tenure and other long-fought for union rights, including the right to strike by Chicago teachers.

Senate Bill 7 was the bill that Jonah Edelman boasted about, describing how he bamboozled IEA Executive Director Audrey Soglin and got former IEA President Ken Swanson to bully the Chicago Teachers Union into accepting the crappy deal.


If the future of teacher pensions is going to be decided by a group made up with the likes of Jonah, Audrey and Ken, we are in big trouble.




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