I’ve always had an interest in the 10th Congressional District in Illinois.

Some years ago the political action committee of the Illinois Education Association, which is called IPACE, endorsed Mark Kirk for Congress in the 10th Congressional District over a progressive African-American candidate.  I received plenty of unhappy calls from members of my local union who live in the 10th CD about that IPACE endorsement.

The 10th Congressional District is a swing district along Chicago’s north shore. It includes some of the wealthiest towns in the country like Winnetka, Glencoe and Highland Park. And it includes some of the poorest, like North Chicago.

The teachers who called me could not understand how our Association could endorse Kirk, who supported the war, had an anti-immigrant as well as an anti-union record. Kirk went on to win the Obama seat in the Senate, also with IEA support.

I couldn’t understand the endorsement either. I confronted then-president of the IEA, Ken Swanson, with our member’s disappointment with the Kirk endorsement. He promised that IPACE would revisit and review their endorsement process. It was another false promise from IEA leadership.

But maybe this year the 10th Congressional District will provide an opportunity for IPACE redemption.

There is another progressive Democrat, supporter of Occupy Wall Street, running against a Mark Kirk-style Republican. Teachers should support Ilya Sheyman and so should IPACE.

10 thoughts on “I’ve always had an interest in the 10th Congressional District in Illinois.

  1. Where did you get that “swing district” stuff, Fred? Maybe, it was before my time. I can’t ever recall a democrat winning the skinny 10th. district. Its one of those Republican rock ribs, pal. There’s some rather slim customers at work up here. I moved on here in 1970, unheeded, and I remember a Bob McClory, John Porter, Kirk, and now this Dold character. Its sort of a metaphor for the whole GOP’s long, steady march to the right, out to, and over the oblivious bluffs of the North shore.

    1. Swinging may have overstated it. In the old days it was old style GOP, rich and moderate on what they call social issues. Rockefeller Repbublicans. But now the GOP has gone further to the right than the district. Kirk had to move right to get the GOP senate nomination because the state GOP is loony right. And he had the good fortune to run against the bumbling and crooked Giannoulias. But I still say a progressive Democrat could win in the 10th. You could help.

      1. Of course I will help, Fred. All I can. But I don’t march anymore because of my sciatica, and the cold indignity of the wheel chair. I really don’t go out that much at all, and I never contribute money to political candidates because I consider it to be a vile form of corruption. I also have become convinced that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, and in a skilled hand like yours, is the instrument of our final victory, and because I can’t type a lick.That said, I’m up for anything, pal.

      1. Mac. With all due respect. My Association’s political arm gave campaign money to Mark Kirk for his Senate campaign to fill the Obama seat. My money. If you donated to IPACE, your money. To claim otherwise is splitting hairs. Your perception of the value of an endorsement may be different than mine. But in 2010 Mark Kirk received IPACE money to run for US Senate. Did Giannoulias also receive IPACE money (after attacking IEA representatives on the TRS board, by the way) to run for US Senate? Yes.

  2. Fred, with all due respect, if IEA supported Kirk’s opponent for the senate, then Kirk couldn’t have been elected with IEA support.

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