Sunday lists.

Photo: NYCore. State of the Union Conference.

Friday night’s meeting at Crane High School didn’t ago according to plan. At least not according to Rahm’s plan. Small Talk has a report.

Are some teachers just baseball players with low batting averages? Larry Ferlazzo weighs in on the Harvard/Columbia study of teacher effectiveness.

Back in July, Professor Mark Naison wrote this explaining why Teach For America recruiters were not welcome in his classroom. Pass this on to NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.

Chicago’s 50 alderman are a spineless crew. That’s all I have to say about that.

Chicago’s Francis Cardinal George says he didn’t mean to suggest that  ALL Gays and Lesbians were like the Klan.

This is very local news. State Representative Republican Rosemary Mulligan represents Park Ridge. That’s where I teach. Several decades ago Mulligan, who the media calls a moderate Republican, beat a crazy anti-abortion state rep named Penny Pullen.

Back then, Republicans ruled the roost in Park Ridge. Many progressives, members of our union included, worked hard to elect Mulligan and defeat the crazy Penny Pullen. They were successful.

Mulligan has never been very good at returning the favor. On education issues, she rarely returns phone calls. When we go down to Springfield, I frankly don’t even bother making an appointment for our members to meet with her. On the rare occasions that we have tried to talk with her, she just chatters on and you can’t get a word in edgewise.

Over the years, as she has grown more arrogant and distant, Park Ridge has changed. It elected its first Democratic State Senator, Dan Kotowski. It voted by a slight majority for Barack Obama in 2008.

It’s not that the voters have changed their minds. Park Ridge is not the town it once was.

Now Mulligan’s arrogance has finally come back to bite her.

Friday’s Daily Herald reports that Rosemary Mulligan failed to get the 500 signatures she needed to run in the Republican Primary.

She now must run as a write-in candidate, which is not so easy, the Herald reports.

Rosemary still might pull it out. But if she doesn’t, she won’t be missed.

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