Marquette Park, Chicago. 2012.











In January of 1966, the Chicago Freedom Movement led by Martin Luther King marched through Marquette Park for justice and open housing.

Today, folks marched and rallied on that same hallowed ground for justice and against school closings.

3 thoughts on “Marquette Park, Chicago. 2012.

  1. I grew up three blocks away from Marquette Park, where Dr. King was hit with a brick, and the shame of having grown up in that neighborhood, where Klan and Skinhead rallies were still occurring well into the mid-1980’s, stayed with me for a long time, until I could escape to the North side. It’s gratifying to see that the park’s legacy as the grounds for social justice have been reclaimed.

  2. Dr. King was an anti-capitalist…and an anti-imperialist…for the record.

    They didn’t mention that on this evening’s news…I noticed.

  3. Is it time for many Americans to examine the true source of their fearful hatred…yet?

    Love is the universal cure…still.

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