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“This is Little Rock, 1957. Chicago is the epicenter of the education justice fight in America.”

February 22, 2012

Jesse Jackson and CTU President Karen Lewis. Photo: WBEZ

Late today, Wednesday, the Chicago school board voted unanimously to go ahead with all the proposed school closings and turn arounds.

No surprise there.

Did we think the release of data by Don Moore and Designs for Change would mean anything to these stooges who sit at the feet of their patron, Rahm Emanuel?

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis told school board members Chicago is at the “epicenter of the education justice fight in America.” She said the nation is watching.

“Children who need the most resources get the least. Parents who cry out the loudest have their voices drowned. Schools that deserve the most support purposely get little,” she told them.

Lewis said closing schools and turning them over to nonprofits to manage is part of a broader political agenda to destroy public schools. Lewis was joined by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who said the district was on a path of “confrontation, rather than correction.”

He and Lewis blasted inequities in the school system and a lack of resources.

“This is Little Rock, 1957,” Jackson told the board. “This is apartheid.”

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  1. February 23, 2012 4:26 am

    Right-wing call it a civil-rights issue as per a dumbkin. How is it an ex basketball player not good enough for American leagues becomes U.S. secretary of education demands highly qualified teachers and administrators when he only has a BS in sociology and believes graduate education unecessary to become highly qualified?

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