The in box: Hey Mr. Papercut. From a school superintendent.

Mr. Papercut – I’ve worked with hundreds of teachers as a school superintendent, principal, and teacher. I have many friends and contacts in the business world. My experience tells me that school personnel work harder, are more dedicated, and have higher productivity that many of the private sector folks I have worked with. Perhaps you would do well to walk in someone else’s shoes before making such stupid statements. And, I’d be happy to talk with you personally at length about your comments and mine.

We need more art, music, and drama teachers who can help our young people discover their talents that our narrow minded corporate culture tries to drive out of them and thus turn them into mindless robots.

-Roger Sanders

One Reply to “The in box: Hey Mr. Papercut. From a school superintendent.”

  1. Mr. Papercut, in my area we are having trouble keeping music and art teachers who ARE qualified, and dedicated due to budget woes, so basically our focus is keeping these programs for our students AND to keep our professionals employed (yes we stick together which is a good thing). If you have some creative finacial advice that you ‘d like to share with those who mangage school district finances they might like to hear from you.

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