Breitbart gone. Kyle Olson picks up his banner.

Glen Yarbrough left the Limelighters.

To those who thought the passing of Andrew Breitbart last week at the age of 43 meant the end of an era of mindless right-wing yahoo bloggers (and I’m pretty sure that most of you did not), I present Kyle Olson.

Olson’s resume has mainly consisted of heading a tiny group of teacher haters in Western Michigan called the Education Action Group. EAG funding remains cloudy. But you can guess that the money comes from the usual suspects like the Koch brothers.

Since Olson’s Twitter followers number less than the number of old guys who hang out down the block at the Two-Way bar at 4:30 in the afternoon sipping Old Style, we can pretty much figure that his funding isn’t coming from small individual donors captivated by his attacks on children’s books like Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type.

He also spends a lot of his time sending his little gofer, Ben Velderman, out for coffee and to file FOIA requests on activist teachers like me. He FOIAed my work emails and personnel file, accused me of being a terrorist, and promised his mentor, Andrew Breitbart, that he was going to make “a project” of me.

Haven’t heard from him since.

Maybe he’s been busy watching sex tapes with Rush. Who knows?

So, when Breitbart died from natural causes last week (although to watch the video of him screaming at Occupy protesters in DC just before he died, I’m guessing some recreational chemicals might have played a role), Kyle took a few days to mourn and then wrote:

The fight for freedom lost its chief warrior with the sudden passing of Andrew Breitbart early Thursday morning.

Andrew was determined to take the fight directly to the enemies of American exceptionalism.  His resolve to proudly carry the torch of liberty gave thousands of conservatives across the nation courage, a voice and a platform.

I am looking forward to launching his newest site,, as its editor in April. We will continue his work of exposing the radicals who have overtaken our public education system.

While a prominent flag bearer of the fight for American freedom has fallen, the battle that he led will continue on.

 I and my colleagues at Education Action Group would like to express our deepest condolences to Andrew’s wife and young children.

Kyle now moves up to a new blog. Will he leave his buddies like Ben Velderman behind? Like Teddy Pendergrass leaving Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes? Michael Jackson leaving the Jackson 5? Glen Yarbrough dishing the Limelighters?

Kyle won’t be the first one to step over the little people on his way to the top.

5 thoughts on “Breitbart gone. Kyle Olson picks up his banner.

  1. Never listened to the Limelighters after Glenn Yarbrough left. On the other hand, I never listened to them before he left either, and have only a foggy notion of who they are. Sigh. I suppose it will be the same with me and that guy you wrote about, whoever he is.

    1. Too late! Kyle’s got ’em. Also, he just tweeted me that I get $102K for teaching “fingerprints.” I think he meant finger paint, but with Kyle, who knows?

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