Grass roots effort goes viral. UPDATED.

The state’s public employee union leadership won’t mention it. The IEA leadership let almost two weeks go by before they noticed the issue. The media has ignored it.

But the petition to Governor Quinn to restore state funding to retiree education employee health insurance is now heading for the 20,000 signature mark.

For a comparison, the IEA reported that they could only mobilize 4,000 emails to the legislature during the pension debate last May.

If the Governor and the legislature do not restore funding to the budget, health insurance costs of presently retired teachers in the TRIP and CIP (higher ed) insurance programs will double. This is a cruel hit to the many retired teachers on a fixed retirement income and no Medicare.

Bob Haisman, the former IEA President and leader of Pension Stalwarts, a network of retiree activists, is planning on presenting the petition to the governor on Friday.

If you haven’t signed it, do it today. If you have, forward to five friends.

UPDATE: I have been informed that the date to deliver the petitions has been pushed back a week to Friday, March 16th to coincide with the IEA Representative Assembly, the union’s state convention.

The news that the IEA leadership is finally supporting this effort is welcome.

One Reply to “Grass roots effort goes viral. UPDATED.”

  1. Just ffor the record…

    In May, we ended the legislative session with 15,000 postcards delivered to legislators, 45,000 emails sent to legislators, 90,000 phone calls made to legislators, (an effort through the We Are One Illinois labor coalition), expressing our concerns about pensions.

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