Kyle Olson’s latest target: teaching about Gay and lesbian equality.

With the passing of right-wing blogger and video-liar, Andrew Breitbart, Kyle Olson has stepped up to take his place.

Olson is the little-known leader of a small band of teacher-bashing, union haters in western Michigan called the Education Action Group. His targets have been the Michigan Education Association, individual teacher activists and children’s books like Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type. Now he is a regular at Breitbart’s old blog as their education witch hunter writer.

Olson is convinced that there is a plot to indoctrinate children.

And of course, he’s right. There is a plot to indoctrinate children in the ideas of fairness, equality, social justice and truth.

You remember that it was Olson’s office boy, Ben Velderman, who put his name on the FOIA request for my work emails and my personnel file.

When they got them, they found bupkis.

Olson’s latest target is the attempt to include in social studies curricula a discussion of Gay and lesbian equality issues.

Here is a part of the video that has gotten Olson shorts in a knot.

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