IEA RA. The leadership debates by sleazy means.

I submitted my Organizer’s New Business Item this afternoon.

The RA directs the IEA Board of Directors to create an opt-in, password protected database on the IEA website. Members would be able to contact other members who live in the same legislative districts for the purpose of coordinating back-home lobbying. It should be set up by September 1, 2012.

Bob Haisman, former IEA President and retiree activist seconded the NBI.

I wondered how the leadership would go after this. What would be their argument? I wasn’t sure. I just know that decentralized, mobilized political action makes them uncomfortable. They would come up with something.

This is what they will put up on the screen when my NBI is debated:

Additional “cyber insurance” would have to be obtained by IEA, but the cost of this cannot be determined at this time. Computer service estimates the staff time required to set up this database at $24,000.

$24,000? Please.

This is nothing but leadership debating by other means.

We will probably vote on this tomorrow.

2 Replies to “IEA RA. The leadership debates by sleazy means.”

  1. First, “Cyber insurance”? That’s called hiring a competent IT/Web Development firm to set up the database and backend on a reliable and secure CMS like Drupal. Second, $24K to do this? Sure, if you can’t write a competitive RFP and interview vendors properly. Third: what if it does cost $24K? So what. How much are our pensions and public education worth?

    But I guess we could continue to produce those high quality YouTube videos. They’re good and cheap… which is not to be confused with high quality or effective.

  2. A labor organization that won’t let any of its members know that other members live in the same legislative and representative districts and foster easier communication among those individuals, is an organization with conflicted motives, to say the least. The leadership’s sky-is-falling price tag doesn’t surprise me– they feel the need to control every part of the process.

    What will surprise me is if a room full of marginally awake adults take this sitting down. To be told, “It’s too difficult to list you by your representatives” is akin to being told, “You’re a gullible idiot.”

    Truly, we don’t have to worry about testing dumbing down the system— we’ve dumbed down ourselves.

    $24K? For a database? Are they paying someone $12K an hour? Good lord. You could have the thing running before the end of the RA.

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