The million teacher march.

In his Living in Dialogue column, Anthony Cody deconstructs the recent MetLife survey of teacher attitudes towards their profession.

There is shocking news.

A million teachers will leave the classroom over the next five years because of the changing nature of the profession. A change for the worse.

This, Cody points out, is in addition to the million teachers who, like me, are reaching retirement age.

Cody quotes those like Rick Hess who say, “good riddance.”

There were some remarkable reactions to the data about the increase in the number of teachers planning to leave from some of the “reformers.” Some, like Rick Hess, suggested that if these dissatisfied teachers are “lousy or doing lousy work, they should have lousy morale. Hopefully it’ll encourage them to leave sooner.” Unfortunately, I think it is likely to be some of the most creative teachers, working in the most challenging conditions, who are being encouraged to leave by the relentless pressure to increase test scores and the inequitable and unsustainable funding of high poverty schools.

Cody thinks this million teacher march towards the exits is a crisis for all kids and particularly poor kids.

Me too.

One Reply to “The million teacher march.”

  1. A multitude of reasons for these men and women to leave, usually dealing with issues of professionalism and autonomy. They don’t leave out of sheer laziness or lousy morale per se. These symptoms come from a system bent on squeezing the most out of their most priceless keys.

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