Ed Rosenthal for IEA Retired Chair.

Ed Rosenthal for IEA Retired Chair.

I have known Ed Rosenthal for about seven years.

We first met when he was running for IEA President against Ken Swanson. Swanson won and the IEA was the worse for it.

Most of Ed’s friends and colleagues have known him for far longer. I tried having a conversation with Ed while walking the lobby of the Hilton at last week’s IEA RA and it was impossible. We were constantly interrupted by folks who knew Ed, waned to say hi or engage in one issue or another.

And he’s a long-time Bull’s fan. Consider this an endorsement.


Why should you vote for Ed Rosenthal for IEA Retired Council Chair? Your Pension!

1. Issues

a) Our pensions are under attack! Our health insurance has become a political football! We need to widen our focus in IEA Retired. As important as current IEA Retired programs are and should continue,, at this point in our history we need to change our focus to political action and to save our pensions and insurance. We need to mobilize all our retired members and focus once again on grass roots political action. I feel that I’m the one to lead that fight. In my 2 years on Retired Council I have worked to add political action sessions to the IEA Retired Conference. I have worked to involve our members in the fight for pensions. We need to do more! That’s why I decided to run for IEA Retired Chair. Retired members need a more active role in preserving our pensions and insurance!

b) Retired embers need better representation in IEA – Retired members make up 6% of IEA yet have only 1 seat on the Board, and no official representatives on IPACE or IEA Executive Committee. My proposal for adding to retired members to IEA Board as Sectional representatives was defeated at the RA. We need to lobby our active members for their support.

c) More opportunities for Retired Members to serve – Every year more of our former members retire and have nowhere to continue their service. I would also like to work with IEA leadership to see if we could start a legislative committee of Retirees to deal with Retired Issues at the state and federal level.

d) Increased membership – There is power in numbers. We need to work with IEA to get all of our retiring members enrolled in IEA Retired.

2. Experience

Chief Negotiator for my local of off 2000 members for 15 years; IEA Board for 12 years; IEA Executive Committee for 5 years; IPACE Executive Committee for 9 years; NEA Board of Directors for 6 years; IEA Retired Council last 2 years; served as annuitant member to the State of Illinois Pension Modernization Task Force; have served on two different IEA Task Forces on Pensions.


3 thoughts on “Ed Rosenthal for IEA Retired Chair.

  1. Ed’s got my vote. It’s time we voted for the smartest guy
    in the room not the most popular one. If the membership
    had done that in the past, the IEA would be in a very
    different place today.

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