I’m an Olson birther.

Kyle Olson of the Education Action Group denies, sort of, kind of, Nancy Flanagan’s suggestion that he is the son of the millionaire Mackinac Center  founder and funder D. Joseph Olson.

It is true that there are lots of Olsons in western Michigan.

Like there are a lot of Klonskys in Logan Square.

Although we are all related.

To be sure, Flanagan in her post to me didn’t claim absolute knowledge of the blood ties between the two anti-union Olsons.

And Kyle didn’t absolutely claim that Nancy was wrong. He just attacked her and said she was “no investigative journalist.”

I’d say that is a weak denial.

I have a solution.

I’ll be glad to publish the Olson birth certificate showing no familial connections between the two Olsons. If one exists.

Surely that would settle the issue.

But no copy.

I think we need to see the original.

3 Replies to “I’m an Olson birther.”

  1. Holy silver carp, Fred! This Flannagan woman’s information is proving to be fascinating, this is all news to me. Joe Olsen, eh? So far, I’m guessing that probably makes your little friend Benny Boy the illegitimate son of Old Joe and the upstairs maid. I knew it. I wonder what he makes? Fish heads, buddy, fish heads, eat them up, yum.

  2. I hate to contradict Nancy, Bro. Never a good idea. But the truth must be told. Rush Limbaugh is actually Kyle’s daddy.

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