Liars, lies and school budget projections.

CPS budget projections.

As you know. I’m a K-5 art teacher. Or as Kyle Olson calls us, an overpaid finger painter.

But I have also negotiated school contracts for twenty years. That’s twenty years of looking at school budgets.

What I have learned is that there are liars, lies and school budget projections.

Take any school finance person out for a drink and promise confidentiality. Then say the words, “school budgets,” and they will snicker.

I have never negotiated a contract where the school board didn’t trot out their budget, bar graphs and pie charts to show how they will be in deficit five years out.

They could just as well Xerox the last bar graphs and pie charts and budget projections. They always show the same thing.

And they never turned out to be true. Never. Never once.

So when CPS drags out their budget projections claiming that they face a $700 million dollar deficit, I know what it is.

PR crap for their bargaining position with the CTU.

The Trib, of course, will do what they do and print it in breathless headlines:

CPS budget for 2013 has huge shortfall

Chicago school district’s deficit may be $700 million

Believe it and I have a front-running GOP presidential candidate you might be interested in, because you’ll fall for anything.

3 Replies to “Liars, lies and school budget projections.”

  1. LA Unified sent out 9500 pink slips based on lies. Our Sup sleazy Deasy was sent by Eli Borad and Bill Gates to break our unions. What I don’t quite understand is why there’s no talk of a strike.

  2. RPS205 in Illinois is on strike as of this morning. Our BOE broke off negotiation last night around 10:00 pm even though progress was being made. So, today I’m off to the picket line. Parents are angry at teachers for the inconvenience, and the Tea Party (against teachers) and Occupy Rockford (for teachers) will be joining the fray. And to complete the party, we have almost all of the district administration making 6 figure salaries with an interim superintendent making 225,000, but the community is complaining that teachers make too much. I for one have been at the same career for 32 years, and I possess a BA, a Masters, and an ED Specialist degrees. Unfortunately, too many of our complaining citizens rent an apartment (don’t pay property taxes) and are on welfare and food stamps (ie. probably not working). When I have a student complain that someone broke his 600 dollar phone, I tend to wonder who is making too much money.

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