Pension Call Tuesday: May 2nd bus to Springfield.

Our Park Ridge Education Association is getting ready to head for Springfield on May 2nd. Current plans are to leave Des Plaines around 8AM.

This does not replace back home lobby efforts. It is in addition to it. Messages to General Assembly members can be sent from here.

We have a noon appointment with Park Ridge Senator Dan Kotowski to discuss pension issues on May 2nd. Other PREA members will meet with their own state representatives or senators. IEA VP Kathi Griffin has invited us to have our box lunch picnic on the IEA headquarters lawn. Then we are heading over to TRS headquarters to express our disappointment with the recent statements of TRS Executive Director Richard Ingram about cutting retiree benefits and the “new reality.”

We expect to get back by 5PM.

Bus riders will get a green t-shirt that says: My pension. I paid. You promised.

If you have an interest in joining us on the bus down to Springfield, please make your reservation by Friday. You can contact us here or at

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