Sunday links.

23 were arrested on Friday at the Woodlawn Mental Health Center, protesting Rahm’s closing of of six centers and the privatization of seven others.

Glen Brown on the latest TRS proposals out of Springfield.Consider that of the nearly 88,000 retired teachers in TRS, there are approximately 52,000 pensions below $50 thousand; more than 17,000 of them are less than $20 thousand (TRS).  These people do not receive social security and, if they do, it is minimal. To further reduce the COLA for these people would lead to the impoverishment and destruction of their right to self-preservation.”

Ben Joravsky explains how Democratic Party Boss and Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios (papa of my state rep, Toni Berrios) figures out how we much we poor schmucks are gonna pay in property taxes. Warning: If you read it, your head will explode.

Good news out of Texas. 282 school districts have voted to support a resolution opposing high-stakes testing.

Today in 1947 Jackie Robinson made his major league debut.

To those who think that firing teachers is the way to fix schools, there’s plenty of evidence to show how this hurts more than it helps.

US schools have never been better. What? That’s not what I have been reading in the press and hearing from the corporate reformers.

I have come to conclusion that the key to understanding Willard Romney, foof-dauphin of the Republican party, is to understand an old vaudeville joke. (This is the key to understanding many things, as Woody Allen demonstrated in Annie Hall.) Two women are sitting at a bar. One talks like the young Lauren Bacall. The other one talks like a duck. When the bartender talks to the former, he sounds like Clark Gable. When he talks to the latter, he talks like a duck. The second woman gets fed up. “Are you making fun of me?” she quacks at the bartender.

“No, ma’am,” he quacks in reply. “I’m making fun of her.”

Having lived in the Commonwealth (God Save it!) under the barely perceptable leadership of Governor Willard, I have spent the campaign wondering if the Governor Willard is the sham or Candidate Willard is the sham. I wonder no longer. He wasn’t making fun of them. He was making fun of us. Charlie Pierce

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