Some people.

It was just after I posted support for the stand that IEA President Cinda Klickna had taken last week.

“We will not support any pension reform that is not constitutional,” she said.

And what does that mean?

Membership’s benefits in a pension system “shall not be diminished or impaired.”

Then a union colleague wrote to tell me that “some people think that there has never been an IEA president you liked.”

I thought to myself, is that true?

Was I just a cranky guy who is never satisfied.

It is true that I have found myself at odds with the last couple of them.

I wrote back. “Who should I have liked? Anne or Ken?”

“Mel Smith,” my union brother jokingly suggested.

I didn’t know Mel Smith. I thought for a moment he played for the ’57 Dodgers.

Ah. I liked Reg Weaver.

Everybody liked Reg Weaver.

But what’s with this “some people” stuff? And what does it matter who I liked.

“Some people say,” is like the anonymous hate mails I get.

Who cares what some people say?

I want leadership that fights for it’s members. I want leadership that doesn’t have us suffer defeats and then declare them victories. Like Senate Bill 7. I want leadership that doesn’t easily find common ground with teacher haters like Stand for Children.

Does that make me difficult and cranky?

I guess some people think so.

4 Replies to “Some people.”

  1. You were probably thinking of Reggie Smith who hit 32 homers for the Dodgers 20 years later in ’77. Then of course there was Ozzie Smith, the great Cardinals shortstop. But no Mel Smith in the 144-year history of Major League baseball.

    1. Now, if Reggie Smith had been president of the IEA that would have been something. And I can only imagine Ken Swanson doing body flips like Ozzie Smith!

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