According to NBC, these are the results of strike votes at some of Chicago’s high schools.

Von Steuben: 94 percent
Steinmetz: 96 percent
Sullivan: 95 percent
Senn: 95 percent
Uplift: 89 percent
Mather: 96 percent
Northside Learning Center: 80 percent
Kelvyn Park: 86 percent
Chicago Academy: 85 percent
Northside College Prep: 96 percent
Lane: 93 percent
Juarez: 96 percent
Kelly: 94 percent
Curie: 86 percent

According to the Chicago Reader’s Ben Joravsky, Rahm has put an F-you offer on the negotiating table.

At the moment, the mayor’s negotiators are sticking to their opening offer of a 2 percent raise for the teachers spread over the next five years. That amounts to less than half of a percent raise a year. Factor in inflation, higher pension costs, and medical costs and teachers will be making less in five years than they’re making today.

Out in Elgin, teachers just voted down their agreement by a two-to-one margin.  Do I need to point out that it was the agreement recommended by the Elgin union leadership? And twice as many teachers said no as said yes.

Did I also mention that my local is bargaining right now?

No news from that front.

Teachers always get a little grumpy in May. That is when administrators make decisions for next year. Usually bad decisions.
But I’ve never seen it it so grumpy.
Joravsky says Rahm is looking for a fight.
If he is, I’m betting he will get one.

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