Life in Rahm’s Chicago. If you “think” you voted does that mean you did?

Chicago is witnessing the largest municipal election in the country.

6,500 candidates are running for positions on Local School Councils, an 80s school reform that has made a difference at many the city’s schools.

LSCs also constitute a bother for Rahm and the other suits who run the bureaucracy. They tried every way possible to discourage teachers, parents and community members from running.

When a reporter for WBEZ asked the Mayor if he voted in the election, he responded.

“You know what? I gotta get back to you and answer that. OK? I don’t know,” Emanuel said.

“You don’t remember if you voted?” Hudzik responded.

“I voted, I voted. Yes, I did vote.” Emanuel said.

This raises all kinds of philosophical questions. Did Rahm vote if he thought he did? Or does he have to actually cast a ballot?

An employee reached by telephone at Ravenswood Elementary, Emanuel’s neighborhood school, said she hadn’t seen the mayor at the school Wednesday or heard that he’d been there to vote. An Emanuel spokesman did not return a call requesting clarification of whether Emanuel had voted or not—and why the mayor seemed confused about whether he had.

The local school council races in Emanuel’s neighborhood are some of the hottest in the city.

At Ravenswood, 17 parents and community reps are fighting for 8 seats. Emanuel’s neighborhood high school, Lake View, has 26 candidates vying for 11 seats—more candidates than any other high school. Most LSC elections this year are not contested races.

3 Replies to “Life in Rahm’s Chicago. If you “think” you voted does that mean you did?”

  1. A man isn’t sure if he went into his neighborhood school and voted, on the day of an election. And then suddenly he’s sure he did. The election also runs today, for high schools. I can’t wait for today’s report.

  2. I understand he has a right to vote in the LSC election as a member of the Ravenswood community, but, based on his previous actions, he probably thought, “Why should I vote? My kids don’t go there. F-em!” I mean, doesn’t he say “F-em!” every time parents whose children DO attend CPS schools try to voice their opinions about any school matter? He’s a d-bag of the highest order.

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