The Fahner confession. A 40 year criminal conspiracy.

“This was not created by the people entitled to the benefits,”  said Ty Fahner of the Civic Committee last night on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight.

“You told one of our producers that if this had happened in the private sector…well, you finish your thought,” said host, Phil Ponce.

“Well, if this happened in the private sector…if someone didn’t pay in the money…there would be prosecutions going,” replied Fahner, former Attorney General of Illinois.

Fahner was admitting that if corporations do to their employee pension funds what the state has done to us, it is a crime.

Of course, corporations DID do what the state is now doing. And Fahner didn’t prosecute. Nor has anyone else.

Why isn’t this admission a story in the press?

This video is as much an indictment of Ty Fahner as the famous Aspen video was of Jonah Edelman.

The entire spin on the pension story has been to paint the pensioners as greedy and overpriced.

Instead what we have here is an admission by the chief corporate sponsor for gutting public service worker pensions that we are the victims of a criminal practice taking place over a 40 year period.

Instead of indictments, the victims of the criminal behavior are being victimized once again.

2 thoughts on “The Fahner confession. A 40 year criminal conspiracy.

  1. Of course it’s criminal………….but “they” have the means and the access to media who promote the idea that it’d be criminal for taxpayers (a group to which teachers belong) to be stuck with the bill. I’ve said this repeatedly: INCREASING TAX REVENUE TO NOW FUND OUR SYSTEM WOULD SIMPLY BE PAYING IN AREARS FOR ALL AND I MEAN ALL OF THE LUXURIES AND BENEFITS THAT ILLINOISANS HAVE BEEN REAPING WITH THE MONEY STOLEN FROM OUR FUND! If TRS and others had been properly financed in the first place, we’d have been asked to raise revenue to pay for roads services, etc. at THAT TIIME! But no one asked, they just stole from right under our noses. Yes, the claim that the 95% shouldn’t have to pay for the benefits of 5% is wrong. They WERE paying all along…………………it just wasn’t goint where they thought and geez, everything was great here in this state, wasn’t it?

  2. Since this is a criminal offense & neither has there been arrest nor prosecution well, then, we need to do exactly what those who are demanding justice for Trayvon Martin do–we must march in the streets in GREAT numbers until we DO get some justice.And, further, if you are able-bodied & available on Wednesday, May 2nd, it is YOUR obligation (if only to yourself–are you wiilling to hand over your pension?!) to be in Springfield.

    I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating–it took Wisconsin DAYS at the capitol &, at at least one point (tell me if I’m wrong), 125,000 people came out. I can tell you 100 people are NOT enough–we are going to be ignored. It’s a fact–not much attention was paid to the S.O.S. March on Washington,D.C.–not enough people out there.
    Not the organizers’ faults–OUR fault (mine,as well).

    BE OUT THERE or lose out.

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