Life in Rahm’s Chicago. Dems desert Emanuel.

The first sign that something was up was when Obama, without warning Rahm first, announced that the G8 summit would be moved out of Chicago and taken to Camp David.


Now the former mayor, Da Mayor, chastises the mayor, the present mayor, for his plan to lengthen the school day.

Lengthening the school day at Chicago public schools is a key part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s agenda, but his predecessor doesn’t think it’s the answer to providing a better education.

“At first I thought it was, but I don’t think so,” former Mayor Richard M. Daley said in an interview Monday night on WLS-Channel 7 News. “To me, to take a fourth-grader or a sixth-grader or a high school student, and say you’re going to stay more than six hours — we need quality instructions.”


This little back stab from the guy, Richie Daley, who gave Paul Vallas and Arne Duncan keys to Chicago’s public schools is almost comical.

But it says volumes about the problems Rahm seems to be facing with both national and local Democrats.

Let alone the problems he’s having with parents, teachers and communities.

Having seen Rahm on a video with right-wing commentator Juan Williams supporting Kyle Olson and the Education Action Group makes me wonder even more about what is going on?

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