Illinois teacher unions among those targeted by GOP front group.

Politico this morning is reporting:

The State Government Leadership Foundation will announce the launch of a new ad campaign today that targets teachers unions for using “big money and bully tactics to protect their own interests at the local, state and federal level at the expense of taxpayers and our nation’s schoolchildren.” The six-figure TV and geo-targeted online ad campaign focuses on six states where the group thinks teachers unions are the least accountable: New York, New Mexico, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut. SGLF is a conservative 501 (c)(4) affiliated with the Republican State Leadership Committee.

What is the SGLF?

They have the same mailing address as the Republican Party of Virginia.

They have been active in Wisconsin funding the Scott Walker anti-recall campaign.

Here’s their video.

Teachers are bullies.

3 Replies to “Illinois teacher unions among those targeted by GOP front group.”

  1. This is the genie that Arne Duncan let out of the bottle and that our reformy Democrats have welcomed into the tent. You can’t base your entire ed policy on the idea that teachers need to be fired faster and not expect to draw in the fringe right. We will hear Arne Duncan say many things this week–most of them slogans– but we will not hear him say anything about this full-front attack on public educators because, well, these are the kinds of things he believes. All of them believe these things— it’s just that they’re letting the nutjobs on the right do the legwork.

  2. Isn’t this Teacher Appreciation Week? And, once again, wherefore art thou IEA leadership?

  3. My take is that this admin doesn’t want to say anything concrete before the election.

    #1 teacher’s interests are not at the “expense” of students
    #2 only teachers use “bully tactics” to protect their interests but not anyone else? Ha ha!
    Republican governors beware of teachers on the loose.

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