Two dinners.

Hackney’s onion loaf.

There are two retirement dinners tonight after school.

My district is hosting one.

My Region of the IEA is holding the other.

The Region dinner is at a burger place called Hackney’s. Union activists from all the Region’s locals will be there. And retirees. Each Local president will get up and say a few words about folks who have, for the love of their profession, committed hours of their time  negotiating contracts, representing members in disputes with administration, sitting on endless committees, going to conferences and Representative Assemblies and doing their day job.

You know. Teaching.

The District dinner will be at the country club. Retiring teachers, administrators para-professionals and non-certified staff will be there.

As an aside, the Park Ridge Country Club was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. But several decades ago the members voted to replace his historic but unprotected club house with a more traditional and distinctly more unattractive building.

Until a few years ago, the Club was restricted with no Black or Jewish members. And even  now, I am told, woman cannot be full members and are allowed to play the course only on certain days.

Clearly, not my kind of joint.

Not that I wouldn’t want to celebrate retirement along with the teachers and other district employees who will be there.

I would.

But I thought I would feel more at home with my union brothers and sisters at the burger joint.

They have a great fried onion loaf.

Jews and Black folks can eat there any time they want and women can eat a burger and a deep fried onion loaf any day of the week. Anne tells me they make a good martini.

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