Anyone know a good lawyer?

I have a question.

If the Illinois Constitution forbids the legislature from diminishing or impairing our pension benefits.

But our union is willing to negotiate our constitutional rights away.

But our union does not represent all the members of TRS.

Can our union negotiate for those they do not represent? Of course, they do not represent me either. But I’m speaking legally here. Are they legally allowed to bargain away TRS member’s constitutional protections?

And if the legislature goes ahead and diminishes and impairs our pension with the agreement of the IFT and the IEA, who would file the suit defending our constitutional rights.

Clearly not the IEA or the IFT.

My question: Anyone know a good lawyer who works pro bono?

4 Replies to “Anyone know a good lawyer?”

  1. Fred, Are you saying are unions don’t have good lawyers? What are our dues going to..Who can we trust..?

    1. No Karen. They have good lawyers. I know them. Excellent lawyers. But if the IEA agrees to bargain away pension benefits are the IEA lawyers going to sue themselves?

  2. How about the ACLU or Legal Aid Clinics? I DO know some lawyers, & I will contact them, as well.

  3. I must ask this question once again; who has been in charge of the General Assembly for the last 20-30 years? Who has been in charge of the Illinois budget for the same amount of time? One man. Mike Madigan. Why aren’t we going after him? Is the IEA willing to spend some of that Media Campaign money on ads pointing out that Madigan has been in charge of the Illinois budget for a long, long time? Also pointing out that perhaps HE is to blame for the financial mess in Illinois? Start banging that drum and see what happens. Start pointing the finger back at him. Make it clear that his days of being in charge are numbered. Start banging the drum and see what happens.

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