“One-Win” Quinn. The Governor uses bridge opening to attack teacher pensions.

In 2010, in an overwhelmingly blue state, Pat Quinn could only beat right-wing Tea Party GOP candidate Bill Brady by 32,000 votes.

There are 360,000 members of the Teacher Retirement System in Illinois.

You do the math.

“One-Win” Quinn.

In a classless and truthless statement, Quinn opened the rebuilt Congress Parkway Bridge that goes under the old post office by attacking teacher pensions.

The money for the bridge reconstruction came from a the Federal Highway Bridge Program.

Federal infrastructure money is not a source for pension funding.

But that didn’t stop “One-Win” Quinn.

In a press release announcing the reopening of the bridge, Quinn tried to make it seem as if the choice is between infrastructure improvements and pension funding.

The Governor’s pension and Medicaid reform plans will ensure the continuation of the state’s capital plan and projects like the Congress Parkway Bridge, which are putting hundreds of thousands of Illinois residents back to work. The pension stabilization plan would save taxpayers up to $85 billion while the Medicaid restructuring plan would create $2.7 billion in savings. Together, these changes will lead to greater certainty in Illinois’ business climate and help respond to serious concerns from the ratings’ agencies. The reform plans are essential to the state’s ability to ensure that critical capital improvement and road safety projects in Illinois are able to move forward.

What nonsense.

12 Replies to ““One-Win” Quinn. The Governor uses bridge opening to attack teacher pensions.”

  1. It’s kinda sad that he would go this route, as if teachers wouldn’t know HOW to out him. Teachers are not exactly “low information” folks.

  2. I have to ask one more thing off the subject, but sure to ‘irk’ you nonetheless. Why do you teachers out there get out so early in June AND have long summer vacation? Go for it Fred, I know you like a challenge. 🙂

    1. Dear filly,

      There are so many assumptions that are embedded in your question.

      First, schools start and end at different times “out here.” Chicago schools go late in June and start after Labor Day. Some schools downstate end late in May and start early in August. My district ends the first week in June and starts the third week in August most years.

      Our school calendar is driven primarily by the football schedule of the high school. Such is the sense of priorities of our educational leaders and school board.

      Some Chicago schools are “year-round” schools. But they have the same number of student attendance days as everybody else.

      In fact, that is the essential factor. All public schools have roughly the same number of days: Between 180 and 185. So we don’t have, as you call it, a longer vacation than anybody else. It is just divided up differently.

      And we are paid a per diem. In our district we are paid for 185 days. No paid holidays. No paid vacation. If the state should declare “Fred Klonsky Day,” and give the kids a day off, they would simply tack another day on to the end of the year. Some of us get summer checks, but that is because we opt for 26 pays a year. Some opt for 22. The only district employees that work a 12 month contract and are paid for 12 months are administrators. And God knows what they do during the summer months.

      The question that this begs is the plan of Rahm Emanuel who wants to lengthen the school day and the school year, although there is no data to suggest it produces meaningful results. And he doesn’t want to pay for it. Based on the usual per diem salary of teachers, adding 90 minutes to the day, as Rahm has demanded, is equal to adding about 45 days to the school year. But he doesn’t want to pay for them. Nor does CPS have the money even if he did.

      1. OMG you took the bait.!! Didn’t you see the smiley face after my comment.? darn I shoud’lve added the customary “you teachers” have the summers off to go vacation in Europe when kids should be in the classroom. I decided to kid you when I saw your retirement date “out there.” You can copy your answer for when a teacher hater asks you this question, all 6 paragraphs. omg lol

      2. Any time. I have that answer down by rote. Although it has a serious side given Rahm’s plans.

  3. For anyone who doesn’t know that’s “Freddy” Klonsky my childhood friend from Philly and I wish him well in his retirement. One more question though, Because the date is early in June, is that what they call early retirement? IT’S A JOKE Fred, predicated on the number of times we’ve heard the same nonsense throughout the years. Good luck, be happy, and sleep late just because.

  4. Unfortunatey Rahm is in the company of other Dems and they are hyping it and ramping it up as the great revolution taking place in education. @@.. People that you normally count on are all backwards on this subject.

  5. filly–if you are a teacher in the Philadelphia Public School System (if there still IS one, from what I’ve been reading), I wish you, your students, their parents & your colleagues all the best.

    1. Thanks, but I retired last June when they offered an incentive of extended healthcare for 18 months. Best decision I made. I come from string stock, but this situation is a real uphill battle, and it’s exhausting. However when reitre you can do and say things as yourself without recrimination, whenever you want 🙂

  6. “One win Quinn”. In these parts they call it “one and done.” Thing is that you don’t want to ensure that somebody worse is in the wings like in 2010. LIberal media portrays Quinn as some sort of hero, but that was in relation to Kaisich, Snyder, Walker, Corbett and the colorful but deadly Chris Christie. Keep pushing Democrats in office to act like Democrats, and encouraging new people to run for office.

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