IEA Executive Director Audrey Soglin gets up with fleas.

Tim Furman points me in the direction of Diane Ravitch’s latest blog post on the National Council on Teacher Quality.

This is an organization born from the sperm and egg of the right-wing Fordham Foundation and the Bush Department of Education.

Ravitch’s blog post reads in part:

An hour after this blog was published, a reader told me that NCTQ was cited as one of the organizations that received funding from the Bush administration to get positive media attention for NCLB. I checked his sources, which took me to a 2005 report of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Education (a link in this article leads to the Inspector General report), and he was right. This practice was suspended because the U.S. Department of Education is not allowed to expend funds for propaganda, and the grantees are required to make full disclosure of their funding. At the time, the media focused on payments to commentator Armstrong Williams. According to the investigation, NCTQ and another organization received a grant of $677,318 to promote NCLB. The product of this grant was three op-eds written by Kate Walsh, the head of NCTQ; the funding of these articles by the Department of Education was not disclosed.

I have special interest in this story because of who sits on NCTQ’s Advisory Board.

IEA Executive Director Audrey Soglin.

This I discovered about a year ago when IEA Communications Director Charlie McBarron mentioned Audrey and NCTQ  on a Facebook post. When I did a piece on Audrey’s connection to this most conservative of anti-teacher outfits, McBarron immediately unfriended me.

Apparently McBarron was embarrassed by his mistake. And by Audrey having lunch with Michelle Rhee, Fred Hess, Wendy Kopp, and Joel Klein while discussing methods for improving us.

As well he might be.

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