Mitten’s ed advisers are Bush retreads. Who speaks for us?

Mittens announced his education advisory panel yesterday.

You will find no surprises on it.

It is made up of the usual suspects. Corporate reformers, Hoover institute academics that wouldn’t recognize a child if she were pulling on their pant leg and Bush DOE retreads.

He needn’t have bothered.

If the voters were to actually elect the guy, he might just as well keep the current DOE in place.

From the Obama campaign there is no talk of schools, teachers or education.

We only have the Duncan policies to go on.

There will be no education plank in the Democratic Party platform.

There is no need, I suppose. We have the past four years to go on.

So, who speaks for us?

One Reply to “Mitten’s ed advisers are Bush retreads. Who speaks for us?”

  1. In large part there is no need as the NEA & the AFT have already endorsed Obama.
    Look at the side bar under the blog NYC Educator.
    Every time you receive e-mails from Obama-Biden (including those from James Carville, Michelle, Bill Clinton, & other Dems), do what I do: tell them you helped/contributed $ in 2008 & that you’d be happy to again on the conditions that- 1. Arne Duncan is replaced.
    2. The testing frenzy & Pearson monopoly/$ wasting stops, along w/RttT. 3. The D.o.Ed. is streamlined (way too many people work there who make lots of $). (I’d even settle for just 1 & 2.) However, one person doing this won’t make much of a dent. If you want things to change, then you ALL need to be doing it.
    Come on, aren’t you insulted to receive e-mails that ask you to contribute so that you might win a chance to have dinner with the President at George Clooney’s or Sarah Jessica Parker’s?
    No–I’d rather see that the children of this country are well-educated (not prepping for PearsonPineapple tests) by experienced teachers in well-funded schools not run by profiteers.
    Wouldn’t you? C’mon, Fred Class of 650,564….yes, WE can!

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