Tim Furman’s “Notes from the Red Line Tap.”

Came home early from Fred Klonsky’s retirement celebration over at the Red Line Tap in Rogers Park. I know better than to stay late at the Red Line. The last time I closed that place, which is right at the Morse CTA stop, I woke up in Hammond, which in case you forgot is in another state.

Long story.

Anyway, what a tribute. The place was packed, and it was a virtual who’s who of the people who elected Obama and were to one extent or another left behind by that particular President, whose campaign for the White House started at the Heartland Cafe, next door. There was more accumulated wisdom about teaching and learning and the purpose of public education than in all the new ed reform foundations in DC combined. Plus an open bar, which as far as I’m concerned is key.Key. 

It’s just so hard for me to reconcile the roots of the Obama campaign with the presence of Arne Duncan in the Cabinet.

None of that matters. It was a hell of a party. If I ever get to retire, and I get half the crowd Fred got at his party tonight, it will be ten times more than I could have hoped for.  According to my camera, I took 168 pictures. Here are a few.

2 Replies to “Tim Furman’s “Notes from the Red Line Tap.””

  1. Hi Fred. Congrats on your retirement. And glad you are still so actively involved.

    Here’s something for you to consider sharing with your readers….


    After 48 years of silence re: politics, I recently decided to make my voice heard on an issue important to me: public education for all. I am a descendent of those poor in finances, but not spirit, or intelligence. I benefited tremendously from our nation’s public education system and recently decided to give back with my entree as a high school mathematics teacher. Consider how you, too, can get involved to make a positive change in this great country of ours. Rather than simply bemoaning challenges, let’s leverage the privileges the founding fathers established for all. God Bless America!


    Replace Sec. Ed. Arne Duncan with Prof. Diane Ravitch, as Duncan’s ed advice to Obama hurts more students than it helps

    If President Obama truly desires to provide all students with access to the best public education possible, and concurrently to energize teachers as an important voting bloc in his re-election campaign, he should replace Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan with Prof. Diane Ravitch, or someone else not beholden to corporate interests, such as Prof. Linda Darling-Hammond, Prof. Yong Zhao, or similar. Duncan’s current ed policies align more with corporate interests, and those interested in privatizing K-12 education, than what parents, students, and teachers know to be best practices. Let neurocognitive research on how students learn best, along with experts in the field determine how best to teach our nation’s students, rather than ed reform wannabes with little to no experience teaching children.

    Created: May 27, 2012
    Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Education, Regulatory Reform


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