The in box. Even Cinda Klickna doesn’t think she’s a fighter.


You think Cinda doesn’t know how to fight? Interesting. I’d say you’re wrong. In fact…I know you’re wrong.



Even Cinda says she doesn’t know how to fight.

When she was running for President of the IEA I asked her, looking back, did she wish she acted differently towards Senate Bill 7.

Remember, Terry. Klickna was a member of the Swanson team that bargained Senate Bill 7.

Senate Bill 7 effectively did away with teacher seniority rights and tenure rights in Illinois. It undercut the right of the Chicago Teachers Union to strike, although they may strike anyway.

She told me in a meeting room at the RA with Region 41 and 36 members in attendance that she regretted supporting Senate Bill 7.

Talk about a day late and a dollar short.

What the hell happened, Terry? Did she miss the small print?

Cinda was part of the team that supported Audrey Soglin’s efforts at writing PERA, which links teacher evaluation to student test scores to secure a pittance of Race to the Top money.

That laid the basis for Senate Bill 7.

Did she put up a fight on that one, Terry?

Share with us what you know. What secret battles are you referring to that only Terry knows about?

At the Lobby Day a year ago she spoke to our Local in front of the IEA building and explained how in the old days you could walk across the street to the Capitol and the members of the GA would do whatever we asked.

Not anymore, she said sorrowfully.

Oh, well then.

These are the word of a fighter?

Even Cinda doesn’t claim to be a fighter.

3 Replies to “The in box. Even Cinda Klickna doesn’t think she’s a fighter.”

  1. I once asked Cinda why we kept shutting out the Green Party candidates when getting ready for endorsing. She scoffed at the idea and said “Quinn knows who got him to the dance.”. Of course, he may have remembered that he was our third choice & that’s why he has this bright idea.

  2. In Springfield today, Dan Montgomery, IFT President, gave a pointed & powerful testimony in opposition of SB 1673. Very direct, spirited & great inflection.

    By the way, saw the “We are One” commercial @ 9:56 PM, CNN-“Anderson Cooper 360.”
    Thanks, “We are One!”

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