First, call your senator. “Vote no on SB1673.”

Yesterday afternoon the Illinois House Pension Committee voted out Madigan’s pension bill.

The bill is terrible.

It’s signature components are a shift of state pension payments to local districts and a requirement that teachers choose between receiving a cost of living adjustment to their pension payout or a state subsidy to their retirement health care.

Late in the day yesterday things got interesting.

Republican members of the General Assembly went bonkers.

A video of a GOP legislator Mike Bost of Carbondale, swatting at the bill as he threw it in the air, screaming and cursing Madigan on the Assembly floor went viral.

By the time the House adjourned late yesterday SB 1673 had not been introduced.

The General Assembly session ends tomorrow.

Is this all just political theater?

Today’s Springfield Journal reports that GOP House Leader Tom Cross is furious at Madigan for including the obligation shift in the bill. Cross claims that this is a trick by Madigan to kill so-called pension reform since Madigan knows there aren’t enough votes to pass a bill that combines the two issues. Then he can blame the Republicans.

IEA and IFT leaders are quoted as “scoffing” at the idea that there is collusion between them and Madigan.

But Madigan is anything but a fool. He knows that the 360,000 members of the Teacher Retirement System are dispersed throughout every legislative district in the state. And so are their families. Voters all. Perhaps a million votes in the state.

Whether this is some Machiavellian scheme by Madigan to kill pension changes this session or not doesn’t matter. At this point, it’s all speculation. The reality is the push back by teachers, their family and friends.

Call your senator today.

Kill the bill.

2 Replies to “First, call your senator. “Vote no on SB1673.””

  1. Vote NO to SB 1673! As a retired state employee, I entered service under a legal, binding contract. Passing a bill to by-pass that contract is illegal and unfair.

  2. Please vote no on SB 1673. I am not sure how hiring someone under a certain set of criteria and having them work an entire career then change the game can be legal. Did you know these people take annual ethics training?

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