Madigan hands HB 1673 over to the GOP. But this is a Democratic Party heist.

It’s a classic case of Three-card Monty.

Or which shell has the pea?

Yesterday HB 1673 had two major provisions: A shift of the pension obligation from the state to local school districts. And an attack on retiree pensions.

GOP House Leader Tom Cross didn’t like the obligation shift and promised no Republican support.

Democratic Governor Pat Quinn wanted the attack on pensions.

Democratic Party Chairman and Speaker Mike Madigan shrugged and said, “Okay. If that’s what the one-term governor wants, I’ll give it to him.” He handed the bill’s sponsorship over to Cross. That means no obligation shift. It will mean the bill will  be aimed only at teachers’ pensions. Shared sacrifice indeed.

Even though Republican Cross is now the bill’s sponsor, don’t be fooled. If it passes the House and Senate today, it will be done by Democrats.

Madigan’s too sharp to take the fall on this one. He’s handing it Quinn.

Make the call. Tell them 360,000 TRS members will remember who did this to them.

7 Replies to “Madigan hands HB 1673 over to the GOP. But this is a Democratic Party heist.”

  1. I love Madigan’s quote that he would not take state insurance and keep COLA. Wow! Good call Madigan, especially since you are 70 and eligible for Medicare. What about those of us who elected in 2014 and will only be 59? Any good advice for me

  2. Frankly I am relieved that the removed the cost-shifting proposal. While I don’t support the proposed unconstitutional changes in any way, the cost shifting would have had drastic and far-reaching implications far worse than the pension reforms. The cost shift would have drastically reduced teacher salaries going into the future which arguably would reduce pensions more than the proposed COLA reductions.

    I’ve said forever that the real solution to the problem is a real progressive tax system in the state and the end of the tax breaks for businesses – but I just don’t see that ever happening in our current Citizens United environment. We are behind the eight ball on this issue and I don’t see a way of winning the argument in the modern era of a shrinking middle class where most people will never receive a pension of any sort.

  3. I totally agree with the blame ultimately going to the Governor, Fred–I’ve been saying that all along! Additionally, the state will wind up recouping tons of $$ anyway because, in the future (oh, wait, NOW), all public schools will be privatized, & no teachers will ever be working long enough to qualify for a pension! (See yesterday’s {5/30/12} Chicago Tribune
    {sorry–BUT–“keep your friends close & your enemies closer!” I also highly recommend reading Forbes, Crain’s Chicago Business, & The Wall Street Journal! AND–beauty part–you DON’T have to buy them–just go to the library & read them}, Section 1, page 9–“Charter Network in Turnaround: New management Co. Laying Off Faculty at 4 Schools.”)

    Here’s a quote:
    Supporters of the PUBLICLY FUNDED (my caps.) PRIVATELY
    RUN charter schools say the overhaul shows the flexibility of
    charters, which can hire & fire staff quickly when scores don’t
    measure up because teachers AREN’T MEMBERS of a UNION.

    BUT–this is a MUST READ for everyone, so please do read the article in its entirety.


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