We have to remember.

From MIC.

We have to remember.

This fight isn’t over.

Even with six hours to go and support for SB 1673 struggling, this fight isn’t over.

Even if the bill dies outright, this fight isn’t over.

We have to remember.

We have to remember they’ll be back.

We have to remember where this bill came from and remind those who pushed it who their base is.

We have to remember the Democrats who voted this bill out of committee despite the constitutional promise it clearly broke.

We have to remind those who willingly sided with corporate interests instead of the middle class that we remember who they are.

Daniel Biss, Dan Burke, Elaine Nekriz, Karen May and Mike Madigan are all on the ballot in November.

We have to punch back and remind them that this fight isn’t over.

Because this fight isn’t over no mater what happens today.

We’re taking the punch this week.

Over the next five months its time to stand up and punch back.


Reform Springfield.

3 Replies to “We have to remember.”

  1. The problem is getting union friendly candidates on the ballot. If you look up good ol Elaine Nekritz’s opponent you find another candidate that vows to slash pension benefits. Neither candidate was opposed in the primary. We Mean Business (Ty Fahners PAC) bought Elaine for $10,000. WeAreOne needs to get moving on candidates for the next election cycle now.

    1. So Morty what you are saying is that Nekritz’s opponent would have voted the same way she did. They’ll tell you that “the other guy is worse…” That got us Gov. “reforming pensions is my mission in life” Quinn. We have to stop voting against our own interests and hold those in office accountable for their actions. Then future candidates will know that we not only know how to use a telephone, but that we are watching what they do – even in committee.

      1. Not worse. Identical. At least on that issue. The key is getting pro-union candidates on the ballot. Nekritz was unopposed in the Democractic primary. This after she was a key supporter of sb512. Iea and the other public unions should have seen that and encouraged someone to run in that district. Then they should have put money on the other guy/girl and made her defend her turf. Instead, they gave her money. Not as much as the Fahner’s group, but still, that is wasted money. Each local has ipac money they can be using on local elections. We need to find and cultivate candidates sympathetic to our cause. Your point about Quinn is valid, picking the lesser of two evils is still evil. We need to be looking ahead and not getting stuck with Quinn/Brady choices.

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