Brizard accuses CTU of disrespecting teachers.

According to CPS CEO JC Brizard, the 5,000 teachers who rallied in support of their union leadership just don’t get it. They didn’t realize that the CTU leaders were disrespecting them. Stupid teachers.

Responding to the CTU’s announcement that members will vote to authorize a strike before summer break, Brizard said,

“What are they voting on?” Brizard said. “You’re asking educated professionals to decide something that they don’t know what they’re deciding on. That is disingenuous and disrespectful of teachers.

But according to the Sun-Times, this is what is being offered by Brizard and the Mayor:

■ A 2 percent raise in year one.

■ A pay freeze in year two.

■ Raises based on “differentiated pay’’ in years three to five. A joint district-union committee, to be seated in January, would decide how “differentiated pay” would work but it could reward teachers of high-need subjects, in high-need schools, or in teacher leadership positions, or those who rate highly in a new teacher evaluation system that is tied, in part, to student growth.

■ Elimination of “step and lane’’ increases for extra years of seniority and added certifications.

■ A longer school day that, under a new law, does not require union approval. The elementary school day will increase from 5 ¾ to 7 hours, and the high school day will increase from 7 hours to 7 ½ hours four days a week, with an early dismissal on the fifth day.

Talk about disrespecting teachers.

3 thoughts on “Brizard accuses CTU of disrespecting teachers.

  1. I sometimes wonder how we can impress upon folks like Brizard, or Bloomberg, we are not, in fact, demanding more work for less pay. And when they say we’re only thinking about adults, how can we impress upon them that neither are we demanding such things for the kids we teach?

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