Sunday links.

Rahm brings Chicago together. Chicago cop wearing CTU buttons at teacher demonstration. Photo: John Kugler.

John Dillon’s vocabulary of the day. Hobson’s Choice. The perception of a choice when there really isn’t one.

Diane Ravitch talks about the War on Public Education and Tuesday’s election in Wisconsin on the Ed Show. Excuse the Wal-Mart advertisement.

Matt Farmer can do more than play a mean guitar and give a great speech. He produced the The Electric Rebel Monkeys.

Where are the job losses? In the public sector. We’re talking teachers.

When Scott Walker was a student at Marquette he was considered “pouty,” a loser before quitting two years early.

We must rally together to un-elect policymakers who would have supported this autocratic bill. We must re-educate the misinformed public and challenge this unremitting and formidable struggle we have with powerful interests from obscenely-wealthy individuals and their procured partisan politicians who are more concerned with Bond Houses than with the needs of middle-class Americans.

Call the leadership of the Illinois Education Association (1-217-544-0706), the National Education Association (1-202-833-4000), the Illinois Federation of Teachers (1-217-544-8562), the Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (1-630-784-0406), AFSCME Council 31 (1-217-788-2800), Illinois AFL-CIO (1-217-544-4014), Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (1-217-522-8180), Service Employees International Union (1-202-730-7173), Teamsters Local Union #700 (1-847-939-9700) and other unions of the “We Are One” Labor Coalition without delay. Tell them you are willing to fight for your rights and benefits; tell them you support their efforts and are willing to do whatever is required to safeguard your constitutional rights and to halt impending contractual infringements.

What else should we do now? Let’s follow the example of our Chicago colleagues, but in Springfield this summer:         Glen Brown

One thought on “Sunday links.

  1. It’s about time Ed had Diane on his show! AND–she is ALWAYS outstanding! The children, parents & teachers of this country are lucky to have her in their corner!
    Additionally–I had written the IEA (Charlie McBarron, in particular) to get us/our situation on “The Ed Show,” but–to no avail. Can anyone out there get our IL labor problems on Ed?!

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