Treating teachers like the subjects of royalty.

For those who just love everything about the Royal Family, this has been a great weekend, what with the Jubilee and everything.

Nothing like watching the Queen and her fam waving from a boat going down the Thames.

It kind of reminds me of Venetian Night here in Chicago where people sit on the Lakefront and watch rich folks on their yachts cruise by wearing silly costumes while getting drunk (both those on shore and on the yachts).

It’s an acquired taste.

In Chicago we have our own bunch who think they’re royalty and they think teachers are their royal subjects.

Like the heiress Robin Steans who fronts a group called Advance Illinois. 

Advance Illinois includes other royalty. Like former governor Jim Edgar and crown prince Bill Daley.

If they were honest, they would change the name of their group to Advance Illinois Corporations.

Queen Steans issues royal pronouncements.

Like when the CTU said they would call a strike authorization vote this week, Steans held her royal hand to her royal bosom and said, “Oh, Goodness me! A strike? Can the subjects do that?”

Well, actually Steans said“I find it disappointing. It’s not within the spirit or the intent of the legislative package they helped negotiate.’’

The legislative package Steans is referring to is Senate Bill 7. The law requires 75% approval by the entire membership for a strike. It was a change forced on the newly elected reform leadership of the CTU by the big guns in the IEA and the IFT and Stand for Children.

Of course, nothing in even the rotten SB7 defines when a vote can be taken, in spite of what the the royal Steans says.

The Queen is disappointed.

That’s the way it goes sometimes Queenie. This ain’t England.

4 Replies to “Treating teachers like the subjects of royalty.”

    1. The CTU was definitely under the gun. But Ken Swanson, President of the IEA, loaded it and then held her hand steady while she aimed.

  1. Good grief! Is there any chance Robin Steans is related to Heather?! If so, how close? &, if close, is there a conflict of interest here?

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