What is HJRCA 49? It is not what you may think.

Springfield skunk.

November 6th is election day.

Most people’s attention will be on the Presidential race.

But the Springfield skunks have voted to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot: HJRCA49, House Joint Resolution Constiutional Amendment.

And if folks aren’t paying attention, which many won’t be, it will pass.

It will do great harm to senior pensioners across Illinois.

What the amendment would do is require a 60% vote of the Illinois House and Senate to increase public pension benefits.

Well, hell. In at a time of economic hardship who would even consider increasing benefits. We’re just struggling to hold on to what we have.

But it is a trick. Nobody I know is asking to increase benefits.

What this constitutional amendment is aimed at is pension cost of living adjustments. And some legal experts believe the amendment would neutralize any existing constitutional pension protection.

That’s the short explanation. Glen Brown does a great job of unpacking the entire deal.

Here is your job.

Between now and November 6th you must use all your communication skills to get the word out: Facebook, Twitter. Phone calls. Even snail mail.

Big bucks are going to be spent to get this turkey passed. We’ve seen what big bucks can do last week in Wisconsin. But there are 360,000 TRS members in Illinois. Each with family members. Each with lots of friends. A million voters for sure.

Now is the time to give them a call.

7 thoughts on “What is HJRCA 49? It is not what you may think.

  1. Okay–got it. What do you want us to tell folks to do? Call legislators again?

    Also, I would tell people that we MUST get OURSELVES down there (Springfield). There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason NOT to (except for health–BUT–it would be very effective {& I’m not trying to be cruel, here–I had my 89-year-old mother exempted from a Northwestern study because she’d have to go downtown & get an MRI & EEG {which would be WAY too much for her–I’d thought they were simply going to come out & interview her.} if some retirees–who were willing & able came out in wheelchairs. People would tend to think that those of us who have hidden health issues are healthy, able-bodied, lazy, & spoiled, & should still be working. After all, Fred, you’re the guy who posted the item about the CTU teacher having surgery who STILL came out to vote!
    Also–yes, you were too harsh on Broke Teacher. I, too, am frustrated that people don’t come out. There is strength in numbers–as seen, the CTU 5,000 Red Shirts have made
    quite an impact. &–sorry–60 red shirts had NO impact on Kotowski whatsoever (except for him to call you, wake you up, & chew you out!

    Oops–I guess he didn’t know that teachers are tired, and generally go to bed early after a school day.

    Unless they have a TON of grading and planning to do.

    Come on, guys, let’s go down to Springfield to save our pensions!

    Congratulations on your last day, Fred!

    1. No impact? I guess I’m confused. I thought we stopped the pension bill. You mean we lost?
      You wanna get 5,000 teachers down to Springfield? I’m down with it. You rent the busses this time. The last time cost our members thousands of dollars.
      You know what it took to get 5,000 Chicago teachers to rally on May 23rd? Someone didn’t just post a Tweet and they showed up. They organized a movement to take control of their union. Years of work. A victory. Then a defeat. Then a recent victory. Took control. Building by building. teacher by teacher.
      This work ain’t for the easily frustrated or the feint of heart.
      There I go being harsh again.

  2. Sigh. I’m pretty tough. I am NOT criticizing your efforts–I applaud it. I KNOW how hard it was to get the CTU organized–I have been involved in this type of thing for years–grievances, a strike, everything short of fisticuffs w/administrators. I agree–not for the easily frustrated or feint of heart, & that, absolutely, is the point. Twitter?
    I don’t even do that–& not Facebook, either.
    Actions speak louder than words–I find it disturbing that people spend their time moaning, whining & complaining texting or Twittering or commenting on blogs.

    Without a doubt, the calling did a lot of good, & I attribute that to you & your “Pension Call Tuesday” (which is what got me started). Are you saying, though, that Madigan threw in his last-minute kicker (cost shift) because of us? And–the fight over that (Bost’s tantrum, for example) was–because of us? Don’t think so.

    In any event, I continue to work on this (going to several area legislators’ offices–I have meetings scheduled), & I will bring some sad souls (yes, & we WILL cry!) with me.

    You’re correct–not for the feint of heart nor easily frustrated.
    But–we can agree to disagree.

  3. Stop refering to the idiots who run the government as SPRINGFIELD. Springfield is a city and we are not responsible for what happens in the State house. Start refering to the legislature as “THE LEGISLATURE”

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