Domingo en Oaxaca.

After the students left the building on Friday, I walked one loop around saying goodbye and exchanging hugs.

Anne had waited at the local Starbucks. I went by to pick her up. We drove to the Park n’ Jet, hopped a shuttle to the United Airlines terminal, and after a four-hour (that was only supposed to be a three-hour) layover at Houston’s Bush airport, we took off to Oaxaca.

Just for a few days.

It was Leigh’s idea to walk out of school and get on a plane to somewhere else.

Oaxaca is a most beautiful somewhere else.

Today, Sunday, we are sitting by the pool after a morning in Teotitlan, a nearby village that is famous for its families of rug weavers.

Bulmaro Perez Mendoza’s father and grandfather were master rug weavers. Now he is a master rug weaver. He spent an hour explaining the process to us.

He is also the master of the soft sell. And it worked. We walked away with a beautiful rug.

By the way, Perez Mendoza visits Chicago’s National Mexican Museum of Art each year to demonstrate his art. Don’t miss him.

June is the rainy season is Oaxaca. We have had hot sun at noon and a cooling rain every afternoon and evening.

It s raining now as we sit under an umbrella by the pool with occasional thunder from the nearby mountains.

Checking on events at home and elsewhere:

John Dillon’s vocabulary of the week: Cash balance plan. Remember the target has always been you and me.

Anthony Cody on the dangers of “group think” in educational reform.

Across the country, states are in a mad rush to slash education funding. It’s all a set-up for privatization.

“We are not going away,” says Larry Miller, Milwaukee school board member and an editor of Rethinking Schools.

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