Nothing here about hoping to be granted a seat at the table.

I lifted this entirely from the blog Tuttle SVC:

Note to the AFT & NEA

Glenn Greenwald:

Throughout the Obama presidency, one of the most vocal and demanding factions in the Democratic Party base has been activists for gay and lesbian equality. They repeatedly protested at Obama events and even at the White Housecomplained loudly about Obama’s broken promises, and eventhreatened to boycott Obama’s re-election campaign by withholding donations. In light of that ongoing confrontationalism, as well as the importance of gay voters (and especially gay donors) to the Democratic Party, it’s no surprise that their agenda has been repeatedly attended to by Obama, as he engineered the successful repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, ordered his DOJ to stop defending the constitutionality of DOMA, and then finally “evolved” to an Election-Year endorsement of same-sex marriage.

Latino activists have been as confrontational and unwilling to fall into line as good, compliant partisan soldiers. They publicly protested Obama’s record number of deportation, complained about his immigration policies, loudlyaccused him of “betrayal,” and expressed subsstantial disapproval for him in polls. Thus, five months before the election, we have this today

Nothing here about quietly hoping to be granted a seat at the table.

2 Replies to “Nothing here about hoping to be granted a seat at the table.”

  1. Apparently our union leaders have too much to lose. Our local did away with its budget for mobilizations. The ostensible reason was to balance the budget.

  2. One further reaction — just for nuances sake — is that both Gay and Latino rights are not OPPOSED by big business. In fact, some who have the most of what there is to get actually support these causes. This makes it easier, especially in an election year, for Obama to take the stances he has this year.

    This is not a reason to be silent, it is in fact a reason that we MUST be more vocal! We MUST be more confrontational! We MUST have constant, serious threats, that we are prepared to follow through with. There must be some of us willing to face arrest. We must have leadership on this issue, Cinda. We cannot sit back and hope. Playing nice nice with politicians does NOT work.

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