Kickin’ Michelle Rhee’s butt in Chicago.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get a bunch of petition requests on Facebook and on email.

Some have been effective. Certainly the story of Trayvon Martin’s shooting received national attention in large part because of the petition campaign organized by Color of Change.

But after a while so many petitions become just noise.

And so some folks can be excused by being fooled into signing a petition that seemed to be supporting a settlement to the teacher contract in Chicago.

Paticularly since it was hosted by, which bills itself as a clearing house for progressive issues.

Only it wasn’t.

The petition was written up by Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst (you would have to ask Michelle why she skips putting a space between two words) and the greasy Jonah Edelman’s Stand for Children.

The petition was actually an attack on the Chicago Teachers Union, condemning them for taking the strike vote that received 98% approval from the teachers who voted.

Jennifer Johnson, a CTU member, got pissed.

Jennifer Johnson posted another petition on demanding that live up to their progressive claims and remove the union-busting petition from their site.

At first the folks at refused, saying they didn’t think it was necessary for them to agree with the politics of every petition.

This was pure BS since has promoted themselves as progressives, which Rhee and Edelman are clearly not.

As we used to say at  family dinner table political debates, “What if Hitler wanted to put a petition on”

The last time I looked, Johnson’s petition had over 4,000 signatures, mostly from Chicago.

Late yesterday, reversed their position and removed the anti-union petition.

We’re kickin’ a little Michelle Rhee butt in Chicago, folks.

3 Replies to “Kickin’ Michelle Rhee’s butt in Chicago.”

  1. It’s quite simple really: hosts petitions geared toward change for the better, and since students always come first, what would she want to change?

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