Lunch break.

Joe Biden spoke to the NEA RA this morning.

The best thing you could say about it is that the security worked more efficiently than last year in Chicago.

I actually thought his speech last year wasn’t bad. On substance, a tad better than NEA President Dennis Van Roekel’s.

In Chicago he even whispered that he had some differences with the administration on education policy.

That was not true this year.

It was a standard stump speech attacking Romney: Teachers are under attack and Romney is rich.

Funny thing is that when Dennis gave his speech yesterday, his first mention of re-electing Obama was met with silence in the hall. Dennis had to stop and remind folks that it was an applause line. He repeated it, and got some mild applause.

Tough crowd.

2 Replies to “Lunch break.”

  1. The problem is that Obama knows teachers are not going to vote for Romney so maybe he’s coasting. with college loans and communty colleges. IMO If your comment is met with silence leave it alone, otherwise you as the speaker look foolish.

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