The in box. Orange t-shirt bunting on the north shore.

From Matt Metzger’s Black Dahlia Reader:

Larry’s on assignment again. Lock your doors and windows, Los Angeles. I’m feeling somewhat buoyed by what might be the biggest news of the year; this took place yesterday in D.C. where the NEA RA has voted unanimously to support the Chicago Teachers Union in their desire for a fair, and enforceable contract with the insufferably vile, and obnoxious  Rham Emanuel and his slavish corporate bribery goon squad. Anything that takes the poor excuser down a peg is a victory for the city.

Along with his Honors self-appointed Big Black Sloppy Seconds Chicago School Board Chairman, and yanking on the reigning cloche emesis inducing Piggy Pritzger, who, for all of her billions, and business acumen, simply cannot find an attractive prom dress that fits, or even a becoming shade of lipstick. 

Try eVago, Sis. 

It’s still as hot as Hell over by here, there’s no way to soften it. Those Orange tee shirts that are breaking out all over the North Shore today are buntings to receive Fred Klonsky in tacit triumph when he returns from the convention. 

I hadn’t dared hope for such an heroic outcome, but insomuch as it was very heartily received by his teachers, brothers, and sisters, I fully agree with the rest: it was a demonstration of true solidarity in the finest sense. 

Where we all are one, one is all we need, and very neatly was this one done indeed. Kudos, Fred. 

But I wax poetic. The Schneider campaign called me but all my land lines are down for maintenance, so I’ll get back to you, or better send me a e-mail. I think  Bob Dold is very vulnerable in the fall because of all the T-bagger support, and Joe Walsh is on the way to committing ritual seppiku in his race against Tamworth.

6 Replies to “The in box. Orange t-shirt bunting on the north shore.”

  1. Correction. I now rechecked and see my explanations are up however, you ignored them and decided to attack me in this post instead.

  2. Ok, Klonksky, I ‘ve just about had enough of your boozly off handed spelling of my name. It’s Mezger, Damn it. No tee in thar. Three quarter of a million readers, and you’ve always got to pick on poor me. Shouldn’t that one make rather more, than less careful. Of course my blog is no paragon of great coding skills, either,

      1. Oh. And what does “Big Black Sloppy Seconds Chicago School Board Chairman” mean? I’m not getting the reference.

  3. Brizzard is big sloppy. Seriously, Fred the pension grab is the only issue left. If this evil is visited on the state, all is lost. A former Fed, I get Social Security benefits. Why? Because we opted into it, to bail out the system in 1983. A smart move, nyet? Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. God bless you.

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