The farmers’ market. Carrots, beans and Toni Berrios.

The Logan Square Farmers’ Market.

I was walking back from the Logan Square farmers’ market, bag of veggies in one hand and Ulysses’ leash in the other.

“Got some good stuff,” said my neighbor Dennis.

“Yep. But no corn. I’m thinking we’re not going to get much corn this summer.”

I did get a free doggie poop bag from Representative Toni Berrios.

Toni is my representative in the Illinois House. I say, “my.” But she’s really not mine.

She’s her daddy’s.

That would be Cook County Democratic Boss, Joe Berrios.

Joe gives jobs out to family members like they’re cheap beads at a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade.

Joe gave Toni the House seat.

I took the poop bag and then said, “Thanks for the poop bag, but why did you vote to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot to take away my pension cost of living adjustment?”

That would be Constitutional Amendment 49.

If passed it would require a super majority of both houses of the General Assembly before a retired pensioner could get a cost of living adjustment to their pension.

Toni stared at me as if to say, “Hey, I’m just here to hand out poop bags.”

“Look. I’m a retired teacher. You voted to mess with my pension. I’m not happy.”

“We didn’t vote on any pension bill,” said Toni.

“Yes you did. You voted to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot. Its purpose is to  fool people into thinking we’re asking for an increase in pension benefits. It actually threatens our cost of living adjustment. You voted for it because Madigan told you to.”

“I vote on thousands of bills every year. I don’t remember doing that.”

“You don’t remember? Well, I do. And I’ll remind the hundreds of teachers who live in your district that that’s what you did.”

And with that, I took my free poop bag and moved on to the kohlrabi.

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